Education - Starwood Forest Products AS


While continuing to grow with new investments, Starwood has not shared the aids it has provided to those in need until today, but today informing in order to be as an example and to indirectly inform customers of their participation and Starwood has spent a lot of time investing in "Educational 100% Support". The project of Inegol H.Sevim Yildiz Vocational Training Campus, which has a budget of 30.000.000 $, was established in April 2006, is consists of 26 units. The first building of 2,850 m² of the campus was completed at the end of 2006. All of this charity work was done with profits from Starwood dealers who trade with Starwood.

Adopting the idea that the educated investment will return to society, Starwood is very hopeful that it will contribute to the education of new generations. Starwood, who has been honored with this environment by young people who have taken a profession in the future with more confidence, aims at raising individuals who have knowledge, strength and consequently confidence.

It is possible for our country to walk safely in the future, to increase the level of education and prosperity. With the charity light of this belief, Starwood reveals that social responsibility is conscious.


Starwood aims to bring its sector experience and knowledge together with the Starwood Academy to the benefit of the entire furniture industry and create value.
While we invested in the development and training of our employees since the first day we were founded, it was aimed to collect all the work that they did under the roof of an academy and its sub-structure has been improved since 2010.
After the completion of corporate identity studies, as of 2015, Starwood Academy has become the only factory in the world and has been presented to the service of İnegöl Mobilya Sanayi.
In order to meet the technical consultancy and training needs of the sector, internal trainers of "Master of Business" were trained in the academy.