Socio Cultural - Starwood Forest Products AS

Blue Mosque ( Sultan Ahmet Mosque )

Together we own the values of  one of the World heritage, Blue Mosque which is remembrence of our ancestors.

As Starwood, we are living with the happiness and grandeur of undertaking another great mission.

One of the most beautiful works of art of our history, the world heritage Blue  Mosque will be renovated 400 years after its construction under the sponsorship of Starwood for our future


With the awareness of the need for furniture companies to produce design value products for the development and progress of the industry, Starwood continues with all the power of designing and supporting the designer.

The workshops and gala dinners and design students held in Starwood's main sponsorship for the third year were able to meet with many famous national and international designers and trainers and meet the most important furniture sector.

Taking this design activity as a task, Starwood will continue to emphasize the importance of design for our industry by continuing the support it has been providing for years.


Blood donation has now become a ritual in Starwood.
Blood donation organizations held twice a year for 10 years in cooperation with Bursa Red Crescent have provided approximately 1500 units of blood donations and countable organ and stem cell donations to date.
The Bursa Red Crescent has honored the starwood staff, who are constantly donated blood, and the plaque that supports the company.


Starwood has been completed many activities such as traditional football tournaments, picnics, gala dinners etc. that increase social relations among employees.